Viraltag: A simple, comprehensive social media management tool 

When I was looking for a tool to manage my various social media platform, I stumbled upon Viraltag. It was recommended by various tech sites and their reviews sang praises about the tool, so I decided to try it out. After using it for a while, I find that Viraltag is indeed a joy to use as those website claim.





Here, you can see the posts you have scheduled for your various social media. The tools are simple and easy to use. What I liked about this feature is that your scheduled posts are arranged in chronological order, with infinite scrolling interface. What this means is that you don’t have to go through multiple pages to see your scheduled posts. The dashboard also has an interesting function called evergreen post which automatically post your content on your empty slot when you already have many content scheduled and can’t remember the empty time slot where you could put that additional content.



Here, you can grab and post content seamlessly from various sources. You can drag and drop files from your computer and Viraltag does the uploading for you. Viraltag also offer excellent integration to your other social media platforms like facebook, Instagram and Flickr, and also your storage medium like Dropbox and Google Drive. Lastly, you can even schedule image posts taken from the internet, using Bing as your search host.


What’s more, once you download viraltag’s in app extension (available on google chrome), you can essentially grab and schedule posts from your website if you intend to promote your product or posts on your social media, or just about any images you find interesting to add to your Pinterest board. You can do all this without having to go to the app, and when you do so later, Your Scheduled posts will be displayed neatly in chronological order at your dashboard.




I don’t personally use this feature much, but it’s good to have it, because you can view popular posts on your connected social media platform(s), like Pinterest in my case, to get a better idea on how to better curate your pins. Learn from the pros!



You can connect to Google Analytics for a complete, comprehensive and convenient performance tracking. What this means is that you can do both your posting and performance tracking all in one place, saving you the hassle of moving to different tools to do different things.

So I’m pretty sure some of you may ask “Aren’t most social media management tool doing that?”. Well, let’s compare Viraltag to Tailwind, a pinterest management tool coupled to the ever popular and reliable Hootsuite, which I have used previously.

Feature Viraltag Tailwind
Yes No Yes No
Post drafting, scheduling and rearranging    
Integration of native analytics tool    
Integration of Google Analytics    
Ability to automatically fill the empty time gaps in your post schedules    
Integration to other social media account (Facebook, Instagram)    
Integration to cloud storage medium (Google Drive & Dropbox)    
Ability to work as browser extension    

So from the above comparisons, you can see that Viraltag builds upon the gaps not addressed Tailwind in Hootsuite. The icing on the cake is that Viraltag allows unlimited pins to be scheduled for FREE within 14 days whereas Tailwind only allows free trial of 100 pins. If you are a small brand looking to try these tools for free, Viraltag certainly has the upper hand here.


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